I have an incurable addiction to travelling, YouTube, and trying out new things. Sitting behind a desk is not how I picture myself, so you’ll find me sneaking off on a journey every now and then. In the years that I have been around, I have seen a lot of places in India, from Jammu & Kashmir to Karnataka. I have also stayed in lots of places all over the country for varying periods of time.

I was introduced to travelling by my father, who was a huge road trip enthusiast. He would often pack us all up and take off on a random drive with the destination being “wherever the road takes us”. These rides could last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks on the road and were immense fun.

When I started travelling by myself some years ago, I started with trekking. I went for the Roopkund Trek, then Goechala, then Chadar and Hampta Pass. I plan on going for more soon.

From there I graduated to drives in a car, and now, often find myself going on bike rides for a few days. The longest ride I have been on has been to Dandeli which was a 1000 km round trip. It was also my first solo trip.

In the years that I have travelled, I have learned two very important lessons. One of the most important lessons I have learned is that unless you get off your ass and make it happen, the vacation will always only be a plan. The second most important thing is that you must learn to go with the flow. If you are too rigid, you will end up with a plan not going your way and a very bad mood. 

Since I like a bit of adventure in my life, I got trained as an open water diver (which came in handy when I went to Thailand). I also fancy photography, and you will often see my handiwork on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

This is a site that I created to share with you my thoughts, opinions, and experiences about travelling. It is also a platform that I intend to use to share with you the stories of other travellers through their videos in the hopes to either inspire you to travel or to help identify your next destination.