London to Sydney on KTM 690s


As far as adventures go, this one has to be right up there with the best of the best. This is the story of two friends who decided to ride KTM 690s from London to Sydney. The journey went through Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Nepal, Southeast Asia and then finally down to Australia.

The plan was to go from London to Sydney in 3 months; 3 months of two friends riding their bikes and having some fun along the way. As with any journey, they have their highs and their lows. They even have a particularly close call in Russia where they are almost thrown in prison.  There is also the time where their fuel pump packs up, and they get a tow from a Yamaha XT 660.

With minor (read medium) modifications done to extend the range of the bikes, these two friends are off on their adventure where they also come across something interesting. A place that they believe is the adventure rider’s heaven, Kyrgyzstan, a country sandwiched between Kazakhstan and China.

Kyrgyzstan: London to Sydney

Having seen the other videos on his channel, I would believe him when he says its heaven for an adventure rider. Maybe we should all get bikes and get some riding done in Kyrgyzstan! The presentation is quite nice; the narration good, the editing also works well. Overall this is one video you need to watch!

Speaking of the channel, if you are a fan of KTMs, like me, then you should check out his other videos. They also include vidoes of Chris Birch, the man who can make big adventure tourers fly!

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